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Coastal Breeze Holdings LLC, owner of Coastal Breeze Vacation Rentals, Coastal Breeze Group (RE Sales) and Coastal Breeze Properties (RE Investments) is a fully integrated and growing Real Estate Sales, Investment & Development Company in SWFL providing services in residential, commercial and light industrial property sales, rentals, leasing, property management and maintenance.

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Coastal Breeze Welcomes Investors

Coastal Breeze Properties is always looking for new opportunities and welcomes your inquiries regarding investing in our company projects, joint venture projects, or assisting in your projects.

For more information on our current and upcoming investment projects or to introduce your project to us, Contact Us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Difference in Your Project

Whether you are interested in single family residential, multi-family residential, commercial, light industrial or developing land, we can help.  Our on the ground team will make sure your investment is successful and meets your objectives.

We provide comprehensive analysis of the project including market, demographic, scope of work, timeline, costing, financing, projected ROI and more.  Our exhaustive approach is fully vetted by experienced investment professionals in their area of expertise and presented in an easy to read report.

Coastal Breeze Properties has all the tools and expertise to manage your project from the beginning and into the future.  We’ve invested in the best available technology and trust accounting system to successfully manage your asset, meet your investment objectives, and maintain the value of the assets over time.  Should you decide to divest, we can help with the sale of the property too and at a significant discount.

Our Difference Investing in Our Projects

Project strategies may differ; Land Development, Buy & Hold, Fix & Flip, Wholesale, but the attention to detail, investment analysis, and required ROI are paramount.  We will only invest in a project that meets and surpasses our rigorous investment criteria.

Our state of the art technology provides for strict control over every aspect of a project.  Dedicated trust accounting for each project ensures investment funds and costs are never co-mingled between projects and provides full transparency at every stage.  We know how important investor trust is to maintaining healthy relationships and projects. We take this investor concern very seriously and would welcome the opportunity to show you how we can ease this concern.